What is linux all about and why is it still so popular?

Linux, Linux and Linux!!! Where ever you go and also whatever you do in the world of computer system, you can not escape from the word Linux. However what is Linux? The answer to this is very simple. From the day of its creation, it has changed itself to such a level that it is a powerful name on the planet computer, super computers, clouds, smart phones, customer gadgets as well as what not. The Exciting World of LinuxThe initial thing that pertains to your mind is what makes Linux so interesting? The major factor behind the enormous appeal of the Linux is that no one organisation or one individual is completely responsible for the development, growth and also even continuous support. Any individual has the right to join the Linux r & d. The companies and also people who are active participants belongs of Linux economic situation as well as this is what has actually led to anonymous technology in the area of this software. Linux has an incredible influence on the IT setting and ecosystem. Linus Torvalds, the developer of Linux Kernel, made the Linux completely complimentary for the entire world. As the system is complimentary and also can be operated on PC platforms, the number of target market increased as well as it obtained popularity among the hardcore users and developers. Although it began as a web server OS, yet gradually became prominent as valuable desktop OS and can be utilized in all tools from supercomputers to wristwatches. Web solutions on the web like LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, etc are totally dependent on Linux. Everyday Linux is expanding and also it will continue to be the platform that drives all the brand-new technologies.

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